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Our Love For Coffee Goes Into Every Cup

Ciri’s Coffee Bar

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Best Beans

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We Serve Delicious Coffee

Our  coffee’s come small organic farmers from the top producer throughout Mexico’s Coffee regions!.

Bean Varieties


Our Story

 We have been selling coffee beans by bulk and cupping for over 5 years. Our priority has always
Been to obtain the best quality coffee beans through fair trade between the coffee grower and
You, our consumer. We strive so that the cup of coffee you enjoy at your table or with us, comes
From farmers and families happy to cultivate and harvest the coffee beans that delight us so much.
For this to happen, our family and friends support us to the maximum, sometimes the coffee
Plantations are in areas of difficult access and it is necessary to drive up to more than 3 hours on
very winding roads to be able to collect the ready grains and they can take them to the nearest
Courier service and shipping them to Cozumel.
Our beans come from 15 different states of the Mexican Republic, they are cultivated and
harvested by small peasant communities that depend 100% economically on the sale of these,
they do not have very sophisticated methods to process coffee, so most of them do it. It is done in
an ARTISANAL way, with the knowledge that has been transmitted from past generations. All of
this is done as naturally as possible, of course, without neglecting quality in the process.
Some of the varieties that our small coffee growing communities manage are mainly: yellow and
red caturra, typica, maragogype, bourbon, sarchimor, among others. Mostly types of coffee
processing used is natural/dry processed coffee and honey/pulped natural coffee, a few times
altenate with washed coffees. So you already know a tiny part of the work and effort behind the
cup of coffee that delights you every morning!

Our Team

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Alicia Boyde

Alicia Boyde


Jake Plotter

Jake Plotter

Head Barista

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Staff Manager

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Av 8 de Octubre 1715 #1280-2 Independencia,

77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico